Description Edit


Nubians are large, birdlike creatures created by Dr. Harding. Despite his fear of flying creatures, he could not bear to destroy them, and hid them deep inside Atherton. Nubians have long, sharp beaks used for piercing their prey. They emit screeching noises. which herald their arrival. When attacking, Nubians fold up their wings and dive, relying on their long sharp beaks to attack.

Appearance in books Edit

Samuel, Isabel, Vincent and Dr. Kincaid run into them in Atherton: Rivers of Fire. Isabel drives them off by slinging poison figs at them.

In the final book, Atherton: The Dark Planet, Samuel and Isabel run into Nubians again when trying to find Edgar. Again, figs are used as defenses. This results in them dropping the message Edgar left them when they escape.

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